Ahead of The Standon Calling Christmas Party on 13 December, the artists playing are sharing their Christmas playlists with us. Next up, some brilliant picks from Average Sex.

Laetitia’s picks (vocals)

Blink 182 – ‘Happy Holidays You Bastard’
This song has been a Christmas favourite since I bought the album in 2001. I’ve never been a big fan of Christmas since I’m from a broken family and I always found it so stressful that I would throw up at dinner.

Avante Black – ‘Acid Love’
A beautifully written and produced love song by our friend Avante Black. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by such talented people. This track speaks to me on a deep level and really makes me feel. It’s like a warm feeling in the stomach.

Sam’s picks (lead guitar/vocals)

The Waitresses – ‘Christmas Wrapping’
My favourite Christmas song since I was a kid, from the great intro to when the brass comes in, its got a great Christmas vibe. I really love the story within the song especially that she meets the guy she’s been chasing all year in the 24 hour store buying cranberries and they spend it together and last Chorus is the happy ending to the story!

The Courtneys – ‘Lost Boys’
My favourite band of 2017 is the Courtney’s! I came across them whilst listening to a Flying Nun playlist on Spotify and they’re just fantastic! It’s probably my favourite track off the record just for the lyrics “you look just like you did in 1986 and that’s why you’re my vampire teenage boyfriend”. I saw them at the Shacklewell Arms during the summer and was the best show I’ve seen all year!!

Jamie’s picks (bass)

Elton John – ‘Step Into Christmas’
My favourite Christmas song for a long while now but it was only last year that I noticed how great the bass playing is on it! After that I listened to it at least ten times a day for the entire Xmas season. I listened to it a couple of times over the summer too.

Sløtface – ‘Take Me Dancing’
Again, great bass on this one. I think their bassist is one of the best players in an up-and-coming indie band right now. I love the energetic dancey groove to this track. This is off one of their early EPs, but their album ‘Try Not To Freak Out’ that came out a few months ago is also well worth checking out.

Louise’s picks (guitar)

The White Stripes – ‘Candy Cane Children’
My cousin Ellis first played me C.C.C. on Christmas Eve. I was 13 and he was 19. He saved up for 3 months working as a bell boy just to buy the record. We were so bored that we stayed in his room drinking cream soda and playing it on repeat all night, waiting to bust my uncle Roland for impersonating Santa.

Meat Candy – ‘Gates of Dawn / Morning Death’
Since meeting the front man of Meat Candy when we were 16, he’s had a big influence on my music taste. The fuzzy, psychedelic, desert-rock sounds of this track remind me of records we used to play back in the day. It’s the off their debut EP ‘Pursuit of Sounds’, released earlier this year on Dirty Melody Records.

Finn’s picks (drums)

Paul McCartney – ‘Wonderful Christmas Time’
Definitely not a popular choice, but I seem to have a weird love for this record. Something about it takes me straight back to real Christmassy Christmases as a kid. All cheap tinsel, muppets and warm jumpers. Also his vocal and the synth just sound so great and ridiculous.

Girlpool – ‘123′
Girlpool’s 3rd record (well if you include the first EP), is really great. I can listen to the whole album on repeat, but 123 has to be my overall fave. I first saw them at the Shacklewell Arms a couple of years back, and they were so good. ‘123’ is a really classic example of them but combined with the new full band sound.


The Standon Calling Christmas Party takes place on 13 December at The Lexington
The Modern Strangers, Jodie Abacus and Average Sex will play. More –

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