EP: George Cosby ‘A Savage Kiss’


Rising London based singer-songwriter George Cosby follows up the stirring beauty of his 2015 debut EP, Human Touch. Developing his formidable song craft further on A Savage Kiss, Cosby proves elegant, passionate and matured aptitude. George Cosby is hotly tipped for big things (and quite rightly so) as he evolves his growing aptitude into an intensely captivating stir on his mere secondary release.

Glamour I’ve been wearing you skin tight…” gruffly purrs Cosby, opening the EP with dark-pop enamor on ‘Glamour’. Plunging the ears into Cosby’s arresting individuality, emotive lyrics captivate across a score of ascending sultry tension. “Tell me is it faith that I have found?… You give me something that I wanna believe in,” he bewitches.

‘All of Your Love’ provides the EPs filling of stunning gravity. With profound thought, Cosby’s lyrics cut a soothing depth. “Wanna treat you right…” chillingly soar fervent vocals, across indulgent and cleansing instrumentation.

Rousing the emotive senses further, ‘Juliet’ closes the EP with a weighty impact. The singers voice climbs in eloquent and charming grace, both in lyrical merit and in attractive resonance. Bold and beguiling, Cosby bravely spools another track of ambitious song writing

For fans of Hozier to George Ezra and James Bay, Cosby injects handsomely dark, brooding and emotive honesty into melancholy pop. As an EP arranged with candor, enigma and raw talent, A Savage Kiss could be the foundation of another break through mainstream pop talent. George Cosby beholds and entrancing power that commands attention.

A Savage Kiss is out now via Yucatan Records.

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