EP REVIEW: Hijack Hayley ‘Counterpart’

Pic credit: Bryan Foo

Fast rising Singaporean rockers Hijack Hayley release their debut EP, ‘COUNTERPART’. A cacophonous collection that tracks from a band that are less interested with introducing themselves, and more so with punching through your speakers.

Opening up the EP is the titular, ‘COUNTERPART’ and it really sets the mood for the EP as a whole. It has a smooth, crisp lead in that harkens back to the days when Catfish and the Bottlemen ruled the world, all be it with a slightly post-punk tinge to the guitar tone. As the chorus comes in the bass acts as the main driving force, chugging away in the background as the vocals take centre stage. They’re full of power and attitude creating a cacophony of youthful hubris and a, ‘fuck you’ attitude.

‘Hesitate’ opens up with a slightly slower tempo, the vocals and the drums serve to drive the track forward here, with the occasional 505-esque guitar stabs coming through. This intro is mirrored within following track, ‘Only Friends’ as both soon break into stadium rock anthems. The later in-particular gives the guitar room to breathe, as it swills with a beautifully jagged riff that wouldn’t sound out of place on The Cribs’, ‘Ignore the Ignorant’

Closing out the EP, ‘Pedestrian’, slowly builds up a sense of tension, as the guitar and vocals dance together in the mix before exploding in the chorus. It is truly a euphoric experience, with drums that crash through your speakers and raucous guitars. The vocals are at their very best here, packed full of attitude and swagger it’s an exceptional way to close out a debut EP.

‘COUNTERPART’ is less an EP and more a statement of intent. It’s the sound of a young band demonstrating how hungry they are, and having the tunes to back it up. In parts it harkens back to indie’s past whilst still keeping its modern sensibilities. It’s a truly exceptional debut and will leave you excited for what the band have in store next.