EP REVIEW: Zella Day ‘Zella Day EP’

A hybrid of Lorde and the sultry Lana Del Rey with a powerful claim on the pop throne and the princess’ tiara poised and ready for snatching.  With a legacy so fruitful; it’s no wonder the LA-based, future-diva Zella Day is starting to create such a stir within the pop industry, with her recently released self-titled debut EP.

Fond of vividly sweet imagery and shining beacons of beauty; the Zella Day EP opens with the mesmerising  ‘East Of Eden’.  “Denim sky unbuttoned down the middle/spilling out/little by little” chirps Day over this intensifying ballad, before exploding into a bridge that wouldn’t go amiss in the Lana Del Rey Born To Die era.

Following up this mammoth EP opener is ‘Compass’; showcasing an extremely nostalgic marriage between Day’s impeccable vocal and the extremely emotional piano riff.  Again using passionate illustrations to paint flamboyant pictures – “cover me in honeysuckle memories” – ‘Compass’ is easily the Zella Day EP’s champion song, and delivers crystal clear evidence that Day lives up to her legacy.

Penultimate track ‘Hypnotic’ again changes the EP’s direction, by shining a light on a more raucous, edgier side of Day, yet still complying with the fundamental elements of a shimmering pop song.  With ‘Hypnotic’ then being bettered by fourth and final track, ‘Sweet Ophelia’, a domineering showcase of pure, raw talent; there’s no doubt of how exceedingly strong and extremely fantastic Zella Day’s debut EP really is.

Does pop have a new princess?  Make the judgement for yourself on the flawless Zella Day EP by Zella Day; available to purchase and listen to now.

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

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