EP:Scab Hand – Sparse Anatomy

The new Sparse Anatomy EP from Brighton natives, Scab Hand, is produced by axe-auteur Marc R. Norris (Eighties Matchbox, B-Line Disaster) and boy, does it show!

Sparse Anatomy is Scab Hands latest effort.  Following the success of 2017’s ‘Howl/Irregular Bed’ single, as well as their debut self-titled EP, the band continue to fuse the B-Line’s thrashing vitriol with surf rockabilly theatrics (similar to The Fuzztones and The Cramps) to create this scorching EP.

These four songs put blisters on your blisters and deter misters from your sisters.

Opener ‘Turkey’ is buzz-saw, fuzz-law and it is unclear whether they are banging on about a foul bird or the Middle East until further investigation reveals the gobbling vocals of Kevin Lennon. A different kind of birdsong for spring 2018.

Elsewhere, The Dead Kennedys’ frenetic punk-polemics obviously inspire ‘Body Parts’ while ‘Lights On’ is both a marching call and response to arms.  The latter track clocks in at just over 90 seconds, so a deep think and you will miss it, immediately. ‘Mushroom’ is a trip-metal dissemination of the power of the psychotropic fungi pertaining to the EP on a whole being described simply as sonic intoxication.

If you are seeking for a soothing Sunday sit-back soundtrack, then we urge you to look elsewhere. As infamously uttered by Norris and Ling’s former comrades “It’s a dirty job, but, someone’s got to do it well”.

Get legless on this (h)armless, head-wrecking, feet-stomping toe-curler.

Kemper Boyd