Gigslutz Tracks Of The Week: 01.11.13

Hailing from Dewsbury, Psych-Rock trio Formes have recently received acclaim from BBC6 music’s Tom Robinson and are quickly becoming a household name on the Leeds music scene. Comprising of brothers Steve and Jordon McNamara and Rob Hemingway (aka ‘The Alchemist’ – often a masked presence at live shows), the band create atmospheric, reverb-soaked songs, and thus slot nicely into the current synth-filled indie trend alongside bands such as Temples and Wolfpeople. New single ‘Inside I’ve Flown’ has a rather dark, ethereal vibe that sits alongside airy melodies and the echoes of an affecting Kasabian-esque vocal. A compelling, other-worldly, brooding ballad that would be the perfect addition to any Halloween festivities…

‘Inside I’ve Flown’ is released on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon MP3 on the 6th November through emubands.

‘At Night In Dreams’, the opening track on White Denim’s latest album is a characteristically frenzied rock anthem but with an added depth. Laden with heavy, intricate riffs and retro, classic rock melodies, it is reminiscent of the likes of Thin Lizzy and – the rather less retro – Black Keys. Texan based James Petralli and his bandmates admit to having matured recently; this is clearly reflected in ‘At Night In Dreams’, which appears to meditate on growing older and the changes this brings. With lyrics such as “Now here we are/Barely holding on to a promise of forever“, this track has taken a more profound and reflective direction than the carefree and youthful sound of past material. That is not to say, however, that ‘At Night In Dreams’ lacks any of the vigorous energy and charisma that White Denim have become known for – it remains an exciting, soulful blast of rock that is definitely worth a listen.

The new album, ‘Corsicana Lemonade’, is out now.

Although it is no dramatic step away from any of his other material, Kurt Vile’s latest track, ‘Feel My Pain’, is as wonderful as ever. It is one of a few unreleased songs that are to feature on a new EP, ‘It’s a Big Old World Out There (And I Am Scared),’ that forms part of a deluxe edition of Vile’s most recent album, ‘Wakin’ On a Pretty Daze’.

With typically dreamy, heartfelt melodies ‘Feel My Pain’ transports you to Vile’s native beaches and will leave you floating on a cloud of his intoxicating, languid drawl and twinkly riffs. Once again, the Philadelphia troubadour so successfully manages to convey emotion through this beautifully captivating song that I am convinced that I can indeed feel his pain.

‘Deluxe Daze (Post Haze)’, the deluxe edition of ‘Wakin’ On A Pretty Daze’ is out on 19th November, featuring new versions of album tracks as well as some previously unreleased songs, including ‘Feel My Pain’.

Vile will also be back in the UK again next month, with a number of live dates:

11.12.13 O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London
13.12.13 Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
14.12.13 Manchester Academy 2, Manchester
15.12.13 The Arches, Glasgow
16.12.13 The Fleece, Bristol
17.12.13 Concorde 2, Brighton

Despite being about buying heroin, ‘Waiting For My Man’ was one of the most prominent songs of my childhood as my dad would repeatedly blast out The Velvet Underground and Nico from a well-used cassette on car journeys, or from his vast collection of vinyl in the living room to brighten up a dreary Saturday afternoon. I just felt it necessary, therefore, to pay tribute to one of my biggest musical inspirations by giving Lou Reed the great honour of being one of our esteemed Tracks Of The Week…

Although ‘Waiting For My Man’ has never been one of Lou Reed’s most highly regarded creations, it holds this personal resonance for me and is simply a truly great song with Reed’s gritty vocals, pounding guitars and honest, authentic subject matter inspired by his own everyday, first-hand experience. Likewise, although ‘The Velvet Underground And Nico’ was only listened to by a devoted few at the time of its release in 1967, it went on to shape the face of popular music forever, to an extent only really comparable to the impact of Elvis Presley, The Beatles or Dylan. I could go on forever, therefore, about the impact Reed had or how inspirational his music, poetry and courage have been, but this is a track review… So, what I will say is that ‘Waiting For My Man’ is one of my favourite songs of all time: an affecting and subversive, yet deceptively uplifting, anthem that will have you dancing around the living room in no time. Thank you, Lou.

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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