GIRLI reveals plans for ‘Hot Mess’ EP and shares title-track

The coolest cat in the game, GIRLI has revealed the Hot Mess EP as well as putting out its title-track to the world.

Hot Mess is marked with a September 26 release (next Saturday) however since GIRLI fans are seriously hungry for new tunes, the singer has allowed us a sample of the EP, in the form of title-track ‘Hot Mess’.

The track itself holds themes of resentment against the music industry as well as staying true to yourself.  “’Hot Mess’ is about all the times I’ve been talked down to, patronised, told that I should change my songs, my look, my presentation… Just because I’m a woman making music and not a guy.”

Reported by DIY Mag, GIRLI continues to say “Women are allowed to be loud, speak their mind, to wear what they want and not be shamed for it, to be taken seriously whatever makeup they have on their faces or however much their cleavage is showing.  This song is my way of saying that!”

Alongside the title-track, the forthcoming EP release from GIRLI features the tracks ‘Neck Contour’, ‘Can I Say Baby’ and ‘Mr. 10pm’.

Hot Mess EP tracklist

‘Hot Mess’
‘Mr. 10pm’
‘Neck Contour’
‘Can I Say Baby’


Ella Scott

Ella Scott

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