How to choose electric moped

Until recently, an electric moped seemed like a toy. But now it is a real transport for the city. For clarity, when we talk about electric moped, we mean a vehicle with seats, step-through frames and two large wheels. Сhoosing an electric moped is far easier with electric moped dealers like Qeemoto. They prepared 5 key moments that can help you to make a decision. 


  1. If you decide to buy an electric moped, first of all you should study the driving regulations and rules in your country. Some restrictions may be implemented for the drivers without special licence. And the power of the engine also plays an important role. 800-1500W is enough to accelerate to a stable 30 km per hour and even up to 50 km/h. And a 3-4 kW engine can develop the speed up to 70 km/h, so it is a real transportation vehicle, which must operate according to driving regulations. Your decision should be based on how comfortable and sure you feel yourself at a given speed. Perhaps, 30-40 km/h will be enough to get to work and back.  
  2. Cruising range of the battery.  A large number of electric scooters have a running reserve of about 100 km, but it can be rather less, depending on some factors: driver’s weight, speed, engine power and driving style. The best variant is to choose not very long distances for a trip. If you need a vehicle to get to work or to make short trips outside the city on weekends – the electric moped is the best idea.  
  3. Wheel size is also important, especially if the roads are far from ideal. They have to be large, the tires thick and the suspension soft. 10-12 inch wheels are a good choice, but 14-16 – inch are better. 
  4. Equipment and other accessories. A quality electric moped must be equipped with such devices:  rear view mirrors, headlight, stop and turn signals, speedometer and department for luggage. The seats for the driver and passenger must be large enough and comfortable. Modern electric scooters are operated from the app, established on your phone. So, you should look for smart vehicles, which allow you to answer the calls without picking up the phone.
  5. Style and design. Modern mopeds are very stylish and eye-catching. Bright colors will attract customers of different sex and age. Choose from the style you like more. It can be sporty or elegant, fashionable or vintage. The diversity of models allows you to choose the best for you. 

And at last, a few words about the advantages of electric vehicles. By purchasing an electric moped you make your contribution in ecology saving. Almost silent, it is ideal for the big city, where noise pollution is a real problem. Eco-friendly and fuel free is the best decision for our planet which is suffering from contamination, over populations and excess of consumption.