Introducing Interview: Dirty Orange

Before their gig at Half Moon, Putney, Dirty Orange speak to us about why we should love them, festival survival tips and what they have planned for 2017…

Tell us a bit about Dirty Orange

We’re a 3 piece rock band from south west London, constantly gigging up town, we’ve done a mini uk tour, we’re energetic, we like to dress well and we love a good laugh and a drink. What’s not to love?

And what about your sound – where does that come from?

Between the 3 of us we have a huge variation of influences, but we have a few in affiliation like: Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys, The Clash, The Strokes, The Libertines, to name a few. So I would say it’s always been about raw guitar music with meaningful lyrics!

You guys are from London, and you seem to get around quite a few iconic venues. If you could only play one venue for the rest of your lives what would it be and why?

Yeah we are lucky we’ve been given the opportunities to play some really top venues. We played Manchester earlier this year at Academy3 to a packed out crowd which was mega. Obviously playing any packed-out London venues is always wicked! We would never limit ourselves to one particular venue, we want to keep moving forward onto bigger and better things

Do you think being from and in London influences you as a band at all?

Yeah greatest city in the world, great history of music, some of the best venues to play with plenty of opportunities. On the other hand fucking expensive and we’re always skint!

Let’s talk about your last single, ‘No Life Beyond 20.’ What inspired that?

It’s inspired by a boy we knew, that got caught up with gangs and drugs until it was too late, as well as friend of a friend which the same thing happened to. So generally speaking it’s about the tragedy of young deaths within London gang culture.

You released that and ‘Would You Rather’ at the same time. Have you got any other releases in the pipeline? 

Working on a new EP which we’ll release later this year, all our recordings thus far have been bedroom recordings, doing most of the vocals in Connors bog. So with this new ep we will take a different approach, working with a proper producer, which we’re happy about.

And we’re in festival season now – are Dirty Orange getting up to much?

Our drummers fucked off to Canada for the summer, so mainly doing acoustic stuff and working on new material. We’re Supporting Sister Ray this Thursday at the half moon Putney, so buzzing for that! As festivals go we’re off to Mad Cool in Madrid to see Dinosaur Jr. and Kings of Leon. A bit Sun, plenty of cervezas and a load of good music.

What are your festival survival tips? Anything you have to take with you?

Take a fucking toothbrush

And finally, what can we expect from you in 2017?

As I said earlier about the upcoming ep, we will put on a launch show in London, autumn time and a few dates around the country.

We’re also buzzing to play Manchester Indie Week in October, a massive opportunity for us and playing up there is always a brilliant crack.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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