INTERVIEW: Dolores Haze

From Stockholm to London, Dolores Haze have been stirring up quite the storm. Readying for their first UK shows, including performances at this year’s Latitude and End Of The Road Festivals, the riotous four-piece took the time out before their flights to talk to us about life in one of Sweden’s most charismatically engaging new punk quartets.

The four piece – made up of frontwoman Groovy Nickz, drummer Foxy Sagz, and guitarists Groovy Fuck and Lucky Lollo – have attitude in their veins. Their music is potent, angsty, and downright determined to force its way to the top – and none dare stand in their way. It’s easy to see why – with a raw power and a wry sense of humour, Dolores Haze are raring to go all the way.

As for where they came from: “Groovy Nickz started a band because she wanted to become famous,” Groovy Fuck describes matter-of-factly. “She met me at a party and asked me to join since I fortunately enough had recently gotten a guitar for my birthday. Lucky Lollo and Groovy Nickz met at a Love Antell concert. We found Foxy Sagz by putting up notes all over town saying DRUMMER NEEDED in ugly word art fonts.” A no bullshit recipe for success. “We got together because we all just wanted a band and not necessarily because we all wanted the same kind of band,” the girls explain. “But it worked out just fine anyway.”

Dolores Haze – who took their name from Nabokov’s Lolita – released their debut, Accidental, EP earlier this year: a charismatic, dynamic explosion of energy primed to ensnare. But it only happened by chance. “We had no plans to record that EP at all first,” Groovy Fuck recalls, “At a party I entered a contest and won an ukulele. Lollo got very jealous so we went to a similar party the next month and cheated in a quiz to win one for her as well. Turns out we cheated a bit too well though, because we won the first prize (instead of the ukulele, which was the forth) – which was a weekend in a studio. We didn’t have any new songs at the time so we had to write them just so we had something to record.”

Haphazard though the lead-up may have been, the end result is as forceful as can be, ripping through your core before leaving you awed.”When it comes to our music the influences are a bit more indie and alternative, a bunch of various post punk and indie rock bands,” the group say of their inspirations. “One of us comes with some lyrics or melody and then we all just help putting it together. It’s a very messy process and we fight a lot, but I don’t think our songs would be as good if we didn’t do it that way.” “When it comes to performing we’re really just looking up to our favourite mainstream pop artists such as Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus. We want big glamorous shows and lots of fancy clothes just like them.”

Dolores Haze’s image is a distinctive one. “A band is no fun unless there’s an image to it,” they say. “Without a show the music is just plain and boring.” “The hottest thing right now is to be naked, in love, and a bit drunk from time to time,” Groovy Fuck elaborates. “Wristwatches are cool too. It’s not hot to be rude or to wear unpolished shoes.” Knowing their own minds, the band have their goals clearly set out in front of them. “We wanted to become Sonic Youth and/or filthy rich and famous,” they enthuse, “to always have as much fun as possible, and to preferably never grow old or grey.”

Playing their first shows in the UK, there band are full of excitement. “These gigs will be our first gigs out of Sweden – if you don’t count Copenhagen punk clubs,” Groovy Fuck states. “We’re really looking forward to showing off ourselves and our music to a new audience. I guess we just want them to feel like getting naked, in love, and maybe a bit drunk.” As for their festival sets: “we’ll wake you up for sure.”

Jet setting across the continent, things seem to be going well for the Stockholm four-piece. “It’s super cool and fun but also a bit stressy,” Groovy Fuck divulges. “Though I think we like it like that, we’re quite easily bored and enjoy having a lot going on. Everyone’s super excited.” And there’s a lot to be excited about. The band have been recording new material and it’s sounding bolder and brasher than ever. “Hopefully it’ll be a full length coming out this autumn! It’s a bit more well recorded than our previous EP, but still with the same attitude. We’ve also got some super cool collaborations coming up!” “I guess the plan is to keep playing all around Europe,” Groovy Fuck speculates. “Or maybe just get a festival gig that’s not in the middle of the day.”

Whatever the time of day, Dolores Haze are powering their way to success. They’ve just one thing they’d like to ask… “Here’s our favourite question to ask new people we meet to really get to know them: would you rather have pubic hair instead of teeth or teeth instead of pubic hair?”

Dolores Haze perform at Latitude Festival on Friday (17th July). The band return to the UK for a set at this year’s End Of The Road Festival (5th September).