Thanks for playing our stage at Balcony festival this weekend. Can you tell us more about the fundraiser for ‘Save Our Venues’?

Independent venues have sadly been struggling in the modern music landscape for some time. These places need the support now more than ever to survive this lockdown. It would be nice to see how this fundraiser will contribute to the Save Our Venues campaign, however big or small.

Where did the idea for LE JUNK originate?

LE JUNK started by messing around with bass lines over a drum machine, and naturally evolved by writing them into full songs with a bunch of other instruments.

You are just in the midst of releasing new track, ‘Rich Romance,’ – tell us more?

Rich Romance paints a picture of London’s wave of gentrification and how the world is often setup to make way for the rich at the expense of the rest. It was loosely based on the transformation of Hackney Wick in East London after I witnessed our old music studio turn into luxury apartments. Hence the lyric “Lets burn this Wick, cause that’s what it’s for”.

Musically it’s a pretty minimalist yet intricate sound, can you tell us about the process?

For Rich Romance it was the bass riff that started off the idea so it seemed cool to keep that as the focus. The character of the vocal and lyrics came together pretty quick once I was clear what the story was and a simple electro-dance beat seemed to fit the vibe. Then I spent way too long messing around with different synth lines and eventually just held my finger on one note.

You release tracks under the label moniker ‘Naked Superstar Recordings,’ is that a reference to your style of recording?

No I’m usually fully clothed when I’m recording. To me the name represents the idea of some ultra-glamorous ‘superstar’ being stripped naked (literally) of all material belongings and ultimately left looking unrecognisable.

Tell us about the live show?

I played a few shows last year on my own and as a duo, mainly to see what it would be like to play the songs live. But once live shows resume again LE JUNK will be a full-band show!

What kind of themes are running through your work?

Just all the matters of life that we’re faced with on a daily basis… love, ego, sex, politics, money, betrayal.

Who are your strongest inspirations and influences?

The things that influence me most are the people around me and their stories. A lot of my writing actually tells someone else’s story based on how I perceive it. We’re all characters in each-other’s stories.

What do you think are the essential ingredients in any production?

I don’t think there are any essential ingredients when it comes to making art. Vulfpeck once released an album of ten silent songs. Having said that most people enjoy a good snare sound.

What are you looking forward to most post-lockdown?

I can’t wait to play live shows again.

Who else do you recommend from this weekend’s Balcony Festival?

I’m really excited to see Eilis Frawley’s set. Her music is centred around her on drums. Vibes.

Catch LE JUNK at Balcony Festival, this Saturday @ 1-5pm

LE JUNK releases ‘Rich Romance,’ out on Naked Superstar Recordings, June 12.

Photo Credit: Steve Gullick

Video Dir: Steve Gullick