Introducing Interview: Glass Caves

We chat to alternative Leeds-based four-piece Glass Caves, after a fast-moving year from the group and the release of their raucous energy-filled debut album, Alive. Gigslutz speaks to the band in the run-up to the release of their new feisty rock-pop single ‘Out Of Control’, and after their biggest headline gig to date at NME Club’s KOKO in London.

Things seem to have moved very quickly for Glass Caves in the past year, from city busking to selling out a lot of your debut album Alive’s tour dates. Has it all been a bit of a whirlwind or has your rise to success been a breeze?
We’ve worked hard promoting ourselves on the streets of the North and have seen success gigging off the back of that. It’s been tough, especially in sub zero temperatures, but has probably also been the making of us thus far.

Have you been happy with the reception to the belting alternative rock of Alive?
Cheers for the compliment Gigslutz! Yeah, couldn’t be happier with the way our self-funded record has been received. Well chuffed.

Have you been flattered by support from the likes of XFM and Radio 2, with spins from DJs Danielle Perry to Dermot O’Leary?
Yeah, of course! Whenever someone decides that they want to put your record on the airwaves, how can you not just be smiling? Someone wants to play a song we wrote in our garage to the nation? Sweet! Dermot is a gent.

Are you excited for the release of their third single, lifted from your debut record Alive?
Yeah, for sure. ‘Out of Control’ is collectively our favourite track off the album. Love it. Biased, but true.

What can you tell us about the forthcoming track ‘Out Of Control’ – if you can, how would you describe the tracks sound in three words?
Agile, Aromatic and Delicious.

On ‘Out Of Control’, the band worked with the prestige of producer Rich Turvey who’s worked with the likes of Darlia and Blossoms. What was it like working with Turvey?
Rich is a top bloke and a good mate. He churns out great sounding tunes and it’s paying off for him, he’s going places. As he’d say: ‘Boss that lads’.

Are you pleased to have packed out a series of This Feeling shows in the past? How would you describe Glass Caves crowds?
Glass Caves crowds vary.  Loads of young ‘uns cram at the front of the stage and bound around and the older few taking it easy at the back of the venue soaking in the harmonies, but everyone seems to get involved in their own way. We seem to appeal to a big age range. Surprising, but in the best way.

You recently played Dot To Dot and Isle of Wight Festival. Did you get to enjoy the weekends as well as play your sets? How do you enjoy playing to festival crowds?
Festival crowds are different, you have to win them over. Thankfully busking has given us an insight into that and we manage to convert handfuls of festival goers into Caves fans, which is the main aim in reality. Loved the festivals, hopefully they’ll have us back next year?!

Glass Caves are soon to head out on a series of live shows (and have just played their biggest headline date at London’s KOKO). Were the band excited for their largest show to date?
Yeah, the elusive KOKO is a venue we’ve heard loads of good things about. It was a scorcher!


Huge thanks to Glass Caves for answering our questions! Catch them live at The Hop in Wakefield this Friday, 14 August. 


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