Introducing Interview: La Boum Fatale

German producer and musician Antonio De Sprit, aka La Boum Fatale, released his first EP back in 2012, and since then has been continuing to experiment and create his own unique brand of electronica.

With a new innovative and immersive album out now, La Boum Fatale chatted to Gigslutz to tell us more about his music.

Hi Antonio, how are you today and where are you?
I’m pretty tired but super excited about this week’s release concert for HOLYGRAM and the actual release on Friday. Right now I’m sitting at home having some fancy beers. Cheers!

When did you first realise that music production and composition was a passion of yours?
Hmm, I’d rather just call it “making music”, instead of production and composition. I started becoming a DJ when I was 13-14 years old and a logical step is that you want to play your own stuff. But to play your own stuff you need to get into these topics. I’m still in love with DJing, but right now I’m definitely more into production and performing my music.

What would you say your biggest influences are to date? And how have they effected you as a growing musician and producer?
That’s a hard question. There are some musicians that have influenced me like BT, UNKLE, M83, UNDERWORLD, SDNMT, STEVE REICH just to name a few. I think the latest burst of influences are coming through MACHINEDRUM, OM UNIT, SAM BINGA etc. I really like the recycling of old or nearly forgotten sub genres of electronic music. Those guys bring them back to life in a new fashion. When you ask about the “how“ – I would say it’s more about how their music had an impact on me rather than their way of production.

‘No Tongue In Cheek’ is your new single, can you tell us more about it?
NTIC is a collaboration between the Danish pop kiddo ASBJØRN and me. I heard his voice on the latest LULU ROUGE album and I was immediately hooked by his voice. When I started the work on the album I knew I wanted to work with him. I asked the Sinnbus guys if they knew how to get in touch with him, they told me they were already in touch and the rest is NTIC!

What are you hoping to convey to your audience when they’re listening to ‘No Tongue In Cheek’?
I hope they like the song and move their hips a lil’ bit…

Your album Holygram has just been released via Sinnbus. Can you let us know what we can expect to hear from your debut? And are there any more artists featured on it we may have heard of?
HOLYGRAM is the record that I always wanted. It combines a lot of different genres which I liked and listened to when I was a kid. I tried to bring them back for me with possibilities and in a La Boum Fatale way. I’m pretty happy with all the collaborations on the album. I don’t know if you know them, but I can tell you each of them is worth checking out. I’ve got collaborations with PETULA, CORWOOD MANUAL, SIEREN, PANTASZ from THE/DAS, BROOKLN of RUE ROYALE and ASBJØRN of course.

When can we see you live?
13.05.16 HAMBURG / HÄKKEN (support for ALEX BANKS)

26.05.16 LONDON tbc

27.05.16 MANCHESTER tbc

I hope there will be more shows during summer and autumn.

What is the weirdest thing that’s happened to you whilst touring?
The weirdest thing for me is that for the time touring, real life somehow seems to be not existing. But it hits you hard when you are back home. There are no crazy stories so far. Sorry 🙂

In terms of electronic music, how do you think your music fits in to today’s scene?
Good question! I have no idea and I think the people should decide. But to me it feels I’m always a little bit leftfield unfortunately. My music is always somehow not clubby enough for clubs and DJs and not pop enough for the radio. But that also feels kinda ok to me. Maybe I’m wrong, lets see 🙂

Thanks for the interview. Peace. Toni.

Huge thanks to Toni/La Boum Fatale for answering our questions! 

Holygram, the new album from La Boum Fatale, is out now via Sinnbus.

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