Katie Wood’s love-struck “Where Have You Been?” is wonderfully wacky

Gloriously eccentric Kaite Wood’s new track “Where Have You Been?” is full of character and fresh 80s drizzles. Not only does this artist have devilishly good talent but she has been making a name for herself on both sides of the Atlantic. What to do when your love-struck? “You’re killing me with those electric eyes”, Wood sings and just like being hit by lightning: love-crushing charges you up but knocks you in the process. Wood narrates the feelings and frustration of being totally absorbed by someone and not having the faintest of ideas in how to handle it.

From colourful lyrics and sounds, to heavy bass, and the rise and fall of entracing synths, “Where Have You Been?” is full of treats. Gated reverb drums that announce Wood’s 80s fueled production inspiration, along with twangs of electric strings and a sad, sexy sax that puts the cherry on the cake, Wood’s bouncy sounds superbly contrast the haunting, emotive, vocals. The melodies are fabulously creative with Wood gliding through them, the fluidity of track is impeccable amidst the diversity: with visual, painful lyrics “I never wanted to tell you, I’d move the stars for you..” Followed by the saucy saxophone the song is full of elements that flow into each other effortlessly.

Wood’s vocal tone is totally delicious, with wacky cackles and sultry spoken moments, her ability to blend deeper subjects with a loveable, humorous touch is spot on. The British artist explains, “I don’t actually take myself ALL that seriously and it’s part of who I am – to use humour alongside somewhat depressing and solemn subjects.” Alongside the single the music video is compiled of quirky shots, wonderfully crazy and contrasting outfits, from wedding dresses to oversized suits and shirts amongst being drenched in water, the video is shot on an old school recorder. With hazy shots full of life and Wood’s expressive movements and expressions, the video is entirely charming and overall saturated in her magnetism and energy.