Listen: Footsie releases his new single ‘Work All Day’

As one half of grime’s biggest duo Newham Generals, Footsie is no stranger to ‘putting in work all day’ and he certainly shows that with his latest single ‘Work All Day’ which is released today via Dirtee Stank records.

Produced by Sukh Knight from True Tiger, the beat is a bollywood inspired catchy grime anthem that borrows some of it’s vision from tracks such as Chase and Status’ ‘Eastern Jam’ and teaming it with Footsie’s trademark flow completes the sound perfectly.

With lyrics such as “What I ain’t got a 9 to 5?/I do music 24 hours a day/it’s not a 9 to 5”, Footsie leaves us in no doubt as to what his passion in life is and that is making outstanding grime music and long may he continue!

Listen to the track below and get your copy here:

Matt Tarr

Matt Tarr

Urban Music Editor
With grime and hip hop being major influences on him growing up in South East London, Matt's passion is urban music but over the years he has gathered a hugely diverse taste, ranging from Wiley to The Smiths by way of Machine Head, that has made him a very open minded individual.
Matt Tarr