LISTEN: Tijuana Bibles give away new single ‘Catacomb’ ahead of St Luke’s gig

Anyone catching Glasgow’s Tijuana Bibles live is left in no doubt that these guys are a colossal force to be reckoned with. Having smashed TRNSMT and Reading festivals this year and toured the distant lands of France, Spain and Germany, the Bibles have fused their already gritty and hypnotic trademark sound with a new danger and aggression that threatens to boil over.

Ahead of their headline gig next Friday at St Luke’s in Glasgow, the Bibles have unleashed another monster track in ‘Catacomb’. Testament to their ability to allure the listener down a dark alley ‘Catacomb’ erupts into a guitar frenzied crescendo which accompanied by the pounding drums provides the fuel to ignite Tony Costello’s explosive vocals. This is music to played LOUD and in typical Bibles fashion, ‘Catacomb’ leaves the listener shaking, pondering what just happened but at the same time wanting more! Charismatic front-man Costello comments the song “is about the thin line between love and madness, a crime of passion, being at the mercy of your heart when you’re head is screaming something else.

Head over to Tijuana Bibles website to score a free download of ‘Catacomb’ or even better experience the mayhem first-hand at St Luke’s on the 1 December.

Bazza Mills

Bazza Mills
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