LIVE: Gallant – Somerset House, London 10.07.16

It’s a Sunday evening, and people are shuffling off of London’s busy Strand and into the charming cobbled courtyard of Somerset House. The headliner tonight is the soulful Laura Mvula, but as the drinks start flowing prior to her arrival, the small frame of Christopher Gallant meanders onto the stage.

His immediate appearance seems timid; almost nervous, but when the music starts you can his posture relax and synth with the beat.

 His voice has very obvious influences of Prince, but is still individual enough to be distinct and recognisable. ‘Weight In Gold’ is perhaps his most well known track after it was featured on Beats 1 last summer, and he performs it with unchoreographed, passionate movement that draws you, and most importantly, keeps you in.

The whole set is performed with the same wild enthusiasm and childlike hype. And equally, the outstanding vocals don’t waver or wobble. You can sense the venue is in thunderous agreement that this guy is a true pleasure to listen to and observe.

 As he steps down from the stage into the courtyard at the end of his short but sweet set, fans rush over to him to take pictures and ask questions. It’s clear that to some people here he is more than a supporting act. One day very soon he’ll be searching for an equally impressive act to support his own headliner show.

Ashley Powys