LIVE: Gum Takes Tooth – Electrowerkz, London 25.01.19

Amidst the smoke and flickering coloured lights of London’s Electrowerkz, Gum Takes Tooth performed a mesmerising set for their album launch on Friday night. Booked by Baba Yaga’s Hut and supported by Nik Void, the duo celebrated the release of their new record Arrow with a blistering gig full of visceral electronic noise.

Formed of Jussi Brightmore and drummer Tom Fug, Gum Takes Tooth formed in 2009 and have since crafted four albums worth of genre-bending noise. Arrow is their latest venture, and it’s just as striking as their previous releases. With their unusual time signatures and precise, hard-hitting drums it’s hard to determine what direction a Gum Takes Tooth track will take, and that’s what makes their live set so intriguing.

Their synth textures, warped vocals and relentless beats shift between pulverizing and hypnotizing. Their sounds cultivate both the urge to dance and the desire to recoil in dread; a unique combination that keeps their crowd hooked. There are moments of applause between tracks, and as drummer Tom steps away from his kit for the last few tracks to manipulate drum pads, the live dynamic shifts once more.

What shines through Gum Takes Tooth’s performance is the duo’s love for what they have created. Their focus whilst on stage feels unshakable, and their concentration is rewarded with rapturous applause at the end of their set. Fans of obscure but infectious electronic sounds will definitely approve.

Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

Assistant Editor for Gigslutz (2015-2017) Now Co-Founder, Co-Host & Features Editor for @getinherears