LIVE: Kings Of Leon – 229 The Venue, London 18.10.16

Kings Of Leon announced yesterday that they were to play a one off surprise show in London to celebrate the release of their seventh studio album, Walls. They played at 229 The Venue, London and it was incredible to see such a huge band play in such an intimate venue (practically half the size of a school gym hall), especially considering they haven’t played in the city for almost three years.

Their loyal fan base knew most of the words to their new album (only released on October 14th). The best reaction of the night was given to their pitch perfect performance of the song ‘Waste A Moment’, which is filled with catchy guitar chords and an infectiously cheery and upbeat chorus.

The crowd quietened down to a gentle sway as they performed ‘Walls’ which has a far slower, melancholy feel; especially compared to some of their older hits like ‘Supersoaker’ and ‘Notion’.

The Followill family played Walls in its entirety, which had the crowd bopping along for the whole night. Even a few men on their friends’ shoulders, beer belly in full view, and drink waving in the air couldn’t resist singing along.

Caleb Followill said at one point “we were scared that no one was gunna turn up” but they certainly didn’t need to worry about that. Later in the evening, they finished with their modern classic ‘Sex On Fire’. They sounded fantastic and put great energy into all of their songs throughout the night, but it was such a treat to end on this iconic track, and they sure had the whole room singing along.

It’s been rumoured that they may be headlining Glastonbury festival next year, so if Walls is the album you’ve been waiting for; make sure you go for a ticket in the resale just in case…

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