This feeling recently hosted a, big in 2018 event at Nambucca, one of North London’s best gig-night pub scenes going. The line-up consisted of a collaboration of some of your favourite indie darlings, the set list as follows:

Lucie Barat: 7:25pm
The Surrenders: 8pm
Calva Louise: 8:35pm
Avalanche Palace: 9:10pm
Hey Charlie: 9:50pm
Sheafs: 11:10pm
Anteros: 11:50pm
Judas: 12:30am
I started my night with a Jack Daniels and coke, in spirit of This Feeling, I mean, it’s practically tradition at any This Feeling event. First act I saw were The Surrenders, Connor Brooks, (lead vocalist) walked on bare foot in a dark blue velvet shirt. The Surrenders have a very earthy, bluesy sound to them. With riffs similar to Hendrix and vocals screeched by vocalist Brooks, the band drift between a noisy bluster of industrial rock and mystic blues. Pursuit of Love was performed beautifully, with this track you grace a sense that Brook is sending a plead for understanding, the smooth percussions tapped by Scott Flavell (drummer) and silky riffs twiddled by lead guitarist. The song was earthy and passionate throughout and with Brooks emotive delivery, really conveyed the tracks meaning.
Up next were Calva Louise, an alternative rock band that chop and screw undertones of chaotic grunge shrieks to their music. Calva Louise are a London based, three-piece band consisting of Jess (lead vocalist & guitar), Alizon (bass and backing vocals), and lastly Ben on drums and backing vocals. The band recently dropped their new single Getting Closer last year and have since played a lot of their old tracks such as I’m Gonna Do Well at various events. Although they normally put on a militant, distorted and hazardous show. Last weekend their set for  Getting Closer felt like it was being played at a unnecessarily fast speed, and the chorus felt like a huge anti-climax. It wasn’t their best performance, and seemed rather flat on many occasions. Nonetheless, they’re still a band to look out for this year.
Garage-rock band, Avalanche Party were the next band I saw, and I’m sorry to anyone else who caught their performance too. Lead singer Jordan Bell screamed vocals to the point no words were recognisable. The bands energy was phenomenal and was consistent throughout, the room was virtually a sweat box when they came on stage as a small group of fans launched themselves into the centre into a mosh pit of hell. But for some reason, their music seemed to just shriek straight through me, in an uncomfortable and dull way. The numbers 2021, were written on lead singer Bell’s chest, I’m sure for fans this was a perfectly understood reference, but for those like myself, there was no recognisable link, or understanding. The bands obnoxious facade was played from start to finish, but at no point did I feel as though I enjoyed their, ‘music.’
Your ultimate girl power group, a three-piece, blonde girl band, that aren’t in fact sisters. Guessed the band yet? Hey Charlie, a group of young friends who fling between pop punk and brit grunge. The girls played a pretty great set, they played some old tracks like Hey, but also played a new one track which they were nervous to play, as vocalist Sophie says, “we’ve not played this song live before, so be nice.” Their track Hey went down well with the crowd and at the point of the chorus sounded similar to that of Nirvana’s, Heart Shaped Box.
Himalayas are a Cardiff indie-rock band who played a nice range of obnoxious and hazardous riffs. They’re a an all boy group that fling some pretty disruptive sounds. Big in 2018 introduced me to a lot of bands that I hadn’t seen or heard of before. Piercing vocals were moaned by lead singer Joseph Williams for guitar driven rock single, Thank God I’m Not You. I strongly recommend that if you haven’t already, give the Himalayas a listen, their track, Cheap Thrills is a fetching rock tune that conveys great lyrics. Check Cheap Thrills out here.  Himalayas are a great band to see live and play a pretty noisy set. Exactly what you want on a Friday night and a few JDs down.
Anteros was the last band I saw of the night and for those who don’t know about Anteros, they are without a doubt, one of the best London based groups that you will ever see live. There sound is a mixture of indie pop and is unbelievably captivating to listen to. Anteros are a five-piece group and have been present for around four years now, some of their most popular tracks are those such as, DRUNK and BREAKFAST. At Nambucca’s big in 2018 they played some of their newest tracks from their newest album, Love. When it came to playing their new track Bonnie, Laura (main vocals), asked fans to join them on stage to sing and dance around. The stage at Nambucca isn’t considerably large, but somehow managed to hold a good few fans on stage with the rest of the band. Anteros always put on a fun and energetic performance. They closed off their performance with Anteros, this went down amazingly, heaps of people were swaying and singing alongside to this last track.
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