Track: The Shacks – ‘Follow Me’

You know how we all thought whisper singing sounded really irritating? Well Shannon Wise from The Shacks rewrote the rules and gave it an instant tick, which is only one of the reasons this band deserves more recognition. After leaving their merit on a high note since The Shacks EP debut in 2016, the band’s new single ‘Follow Me’ is circulating fast as the first song to surface from their upcoming full length album Haze, which will emerge at the end of March on Big Crown Records.

The Shacks EP established a highly experimental wave of genre; from raw acoustics to neo-psychedelia to soft reggae, the band left their options wide open regarding which direction they would take their music in the future.

‘Follow Me’ interestingly takes a more classic approach and doesn’t lean towards sounds that are particularly distinctive or peculiar, but the impressive fact is that this does not take away from the band’s distinguishable and intimate atmosphere that emanated from their debut EP. The track possesses an optimistic mellowness and its spark lies in its rawness and simplicity. Much of the melodious accompaniment is situated in the upbeat bass, which acts as the perfect contrast to the uncomplicated riffs and effortless percussion. Close your eyes to this song and it would be difficult not to direct your own imaginary music video montage in your head, plus, you’ll probably be able to sing along already after listening to the track just a couple of times.

It’s a promising start for the band’s new album Haze, and is expectantly just another small step in the dawn of their continued success.