Miles Kane LIVE – JD Roots show @ The Zanzibar

Having earlier in the evening played an impromptu acoustic show in Heebie Jeebies, a hundred yards down the road the Zanzibar is packed to the rafters to watch MILES KANE in the smallest venue he will have played in years. Given the fact the boy from ‘over the water’ will be gracing The Olympic Stadium, Castlefield Bowl and Finsbury Park this summer in support of some of the biggest names in indie, this is something of a gift being able to see him in such close quarters, as part of the ‘JD Roots’ gigs which have been launched in association with Britain’s best small venues.

As he walks on stage he gives high fives out to the front row and looking as dapper as ever shouts “You’re gonna get it” as hes launches into new track, co-written with Paul Weller titled the same. And that sets the tone for the evening with Miles well and truly giving it to us as he debuts a raft of new material.

There  is barely a break in between numbers as the former Little Flames and Rascals front man gets right into the swing of things rattling through ‘King Crawler’ and ‘Rearrange’ which receive rapturous receptions. New tunes ‘Better That That’ and ‘Get it Right’ follow with equal aplomb.

Unfortunately with competition gigs such as these you also have a certain section that is there just for the sake of it. This seemingly made up a good section who seem happier supping their complimentary Jack Daniels and having a natter. There are plenty down the front however who were more than happy to lap up the high octane offerings. Included in that is Peter Crouch who is getting right into the spirit and gives the thumbs up as Kane dedicates ‘Inhaler’ to him. The poor folk stood behind him are not so impressed.

Kane goes on to play ‘Darkness In Our Hearts’, ‘Counting Down The Days’ and ‘Out Of Control’ as he keeps up the 100 mph pace and ensures every crowd and band member has something in common – being drenched in sweat.

The set is very one dimensional but that’s not a bad thing. Miles Kane is obviously brilliant at what he does so what’s the point in trying to alter the formula. There is one slower number added in, ‘Taking Over’. As he introduces this one Miles apologises for all the new tracks. There is no need to, they are sounding mega and he goes on to state, “I hope you don’t mind, the album is a good un, if I do say so myself”. On this evidence, I would have to agree.

“This has been brilliant, but we’re going to have to love you and leave you” he enthusiastically exclaims before playing set closer ‘Come Closer’. He returns for an encore playing title the title track from his debut album ‘The Colour of The Trap’ and goes on to finish the evening once and for all with title track from his new album ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’. As he does the stage is invaded to round off a truly memorable evening