French born singer-songwriter Hyleen unveils track ‘My Queen’, the lead track off of her upcoming album. A soulful and heartfelt tribute to her mother, and the impact left within her life.

The track leads with a perfect encapsulation of the tender simplicity showcased throughout the duration. Based almost solely on a simple drum loop with traces of acoustic guitar, it allows for Hyleen’s soulful and tender tones, wonderfully highlighting the emotionally charged lyrical themes that permeate throughout the course of track and adding a sense of vulnerability to the vocal performance,

The track wonderfully builds to the chorus, with the introduction of an almost organ-esque synth tones that combine with the previously established beat in-order to build the track to its emotional crescendo. It serves to add a depth of character to the track, a trait which is only furthered by the usage of almost distant nature of the backing vocals, creating a wonderful disconnect between the impactful chorus and the tender nature of the tracks verses. It creates a sense of depth within the track and furthers the overall emotional nature of the track.

‘My Queen’ showcases the soulful tones of Hyleen and sets an emotionally charged precedent for the release of her latest album. Making wonderful use of an almost minimalistic sound in-order to add emphasis upon the lyrical nature of the track. Throughout the track the soulful power of her voice is the main tool within carrying melody. It acts as a optimistic indication towards the strength of her upcoming album release.