NEWS: New Fads A Final Encore - Live at the Hacienda

NEWS: New Fads A Final Encore – Live at the Hacienda

In a surprise revelation for music enthusiasts and the indie scene, New Fads has announced the release of their historic final live performance as a live recording titled “Live at the Hacienda”, set to drop on the 24th of November 2023.

Synonymous with the pulsing heart of Manchester’s music evolution, New Fads’ journey has been a fascinating parallel to the iconic Hacienda nightclub. From being regulars in the crowd to pioneering sounds that foreshadowed the House music phenomenon, New Fads have been integral threads in the fabric of the city’s nightlife tapestry.

Their storied relationship with the club saw them perform on its stage in its halcyon days, use its vacant offices for rehearsals, and, amid a backdrop of gang unrest, film the unforgettable “Get Better” music video. Martin Hannett’s unforgettable cameo with the shopping trolley in this video has since become part of Manchester music folklore.

Fast forward to January 23, 1996, post their split from PIAS, the band encapsulated their raw, live essence at The Gay Traitor bar within the Hacienda, using a makeshift 16-track ADAT system. It was electric, it was New Fads at their purest – and unknowingly, their swan song.

The initial recordings, enriched by Andy Spearpoint and Icarus Wilson-Wright, and a mysteriously added clarinet, laid dormant as the band members pursued other paths. A fleeting reunion spark in 2006 rekindled interest, but fate took another twist with the recordings lost to a studio burglary.

In an unexpected turn of events, during their 2023 annual retreat, the band agreed to release these unfinished tapes. In a serendipitous discovery, Danny Evans unearthed the “Fads Monitor” file on Elbow’s hard drive. Armed with old gear and new tech, the raw energy of that night was recaptured, affirming the adage that sometimes, things are best left untouched.

With the band’s blessing, Danny has remixed the performance, stripping back to the core, letting the music speak for itself. Now, fans old and new can experience the electric atmosphere of that final show, a moment in time, forever encapsulated.

Prepare to be part of history. “Live at the Hacienda” isn’t just a live recording; it’s a time capsule, a lightning bolt of pure musical fervor, ready to strike once more.

This release has been distributed in anticipation of the “Live at the Hacienda”. High-resolution images and press materials are available upon request.

Track Listing:

  1. These Foolish Things
  2. Beatlemania
  3. Less & Less
  4. Get There
  5. Stockholm
  6. Life Is An Accident
  7. It’s Not What You Know
  8. Big
  9. This Is Fascism
  10. Every Once In A While
  11. Justify
  12. Bong
  13. Lorries And Trains
  14. Fishes Eyes

Out on Bandcamp 24th Nov 2023

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