NO CEREMONY/// LIVE @ Trinity Centre, Dalston 18.7.13

As I walk towards The Trinity Centre I can see the pavement is dotted with sweaty twenty somethings swigging away, clutching plastic bags laden with bottles and cans. Tonight’s gig is a BYOB affair. Situated opposite a primary school The Trinity Centre is covered with signs of children. Pastel colours chalked onto the red brick walls and a poster saying ‘Welcome’ in a multitude of languages with prints of their little mitts underneath.

I walk into the main hall and am met with the dark sounds of support act MYPET. Echoing vocals drifting from under lead singer Amy’s black hair which falls over her face like a mask, as red lights illuminate the stage and her animalistic sway.

Tonight’s main act are the Manchester based NO CEREMONY///. Described as “A Volcano under the ice” by Les Inrocks, the band consists of Kelly, James and Victoria who both create and produce all their own music and visuals. A tight knit trio whose synth heavy songs, have deservedly collected a large dedicated fan base already. Their much anticipated debut album is released later this year on September 2nd.

At the back of the hall an anti-bullying poster is pinned next to leaflets for the local girl guide and scout groups. I feel like I’m in a school hall about to watch a year 9 ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition. Technical issues delay the start of NO CEREMONY///’s set, but the crowd seem happy enough – it must be all this extra vitamin D we’re not used to, the natural high of the summer.

As the backstage door opens, I catch a glimpse of one of the many creepy clown paintings dotted around the venue. It’s now 10pm and people’s BYOB supplies are starting to dwindle. A girl in a playsuit adjusts her knickers whilst simultaneously downing the last dregs of her can, when we hear ‘Let’s go’ and NO CEREMONY/// begin.

The hall is dark with only natural light coming through the windows, allowing the volcanic visuals and stage lights to illuminate the whole room, whilst their heavy beats, strong keyboards and synth vibrations envelop us. Their signature ///, melts into a tie-dye background as they begin HEARTBREAKER. Kelly’s ear piece swings like a pendulum in front of his dark silhouette, counting out the beat perfectly.

A flickering image of a light flashes behind them as they play HURTLOVE. The beat kicks in behind the enchantingly warped vocals. The crowd show their appreciation moving in the minimal way of the East London cool kids, as the band’s shadows climb the wall over their self made projections.

FEELSOLOW is accompanied by an acid wash background, complimenting the sad lingering desperation in the vocals, as Victoria wails into the microphone and the crowd mouth the words. All eyes fixated on the band as they create a cacophony of musical emotion.

With an eruption of cheers, they’re done. A short yet impressive set that flashed by in a whirl of vibrant visuals and electrifying music. NO CEREMONY///’s songs are full of energetic yet gentle addictive beats that leave you craving more.

Tash Walker