One To Watch: Anna Pancaldi

Singer-songwriter, Anna Pancaldi‘s, alluringly smooth and harmonious vocals tend to stop people in their tracks upon first listen. Her deep, soulful tones are capable of enchanting even the coldest of hearts. So, it may come as a surprise that her journey to success hasn’t been as smooth as that beautiful voice…

Although, from a young age, anyone hearing her voice knew she had something special, her extreme stage fright often prevented her from pursuing this dream. However, when travelling after studying music at college, Pancaldi’s confidence finally started to grow. And we should all be very grateful, as it is a real privilege to be able to hear this young woman’s wonderful voice.

Pancaldi’s increased confidence has clearly paid off, as her debut EP is currently sitting at number six in the iTunes singer-songwriter album chart, and it hasn’t even been released yet! Success that is truly well deserved.

Pre-order Black Tears, the debut EP from Anna Pancaldi, here. In the meantime, take a listen to Anna’s sensuous new single, ‘Out Ahead’:

 And you can catch Anna live, tickets here:

13th March – Flairz, Hastings

25th March – Servant Jazz Quarters, London (EP Launch)



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