Ones To Watch: The Creaking Chair

Haunting and hypnotic, judging by the lead single from their forthcoming album, The Creaking Chair are definitely worthy of your attention.

Featuring more than a hint of Nick Drake, to go along with a healthy dose of subtle psychedelia, ‘Pieceworker’ is a brooding odyssey which can’t help but worm its way into your imagination, building and throbbing with an increasingly sinister twist.

A musical project led by Andrew A C Cooper, The Creaking Chair will release their album Mainframe later this year, promising further experimental electronica delivered over Cooper’s more folky influences.

To accompany ‘Pieceworker’ a suitably hazy video has also been directed by Esther Springett, which features artist Ozzy Ellis’ shifting landscapes.

A hand-painted 7″ vinyl will also be released, meanwhile, with Ellis also hand-painting 10 unique designs for the artwork.

The Creaking Chair obviously put a lot of thought into every aspect of their project. And with the artwork being just as interesting as their music, the appetite is well and truly whetted for the release of Mainframe.

‘Pieceworker’ is out 3 June (pre-order here), and keep your eyes peeled on The Creaking Chair’s website for info on the release of the forthcoming album.

Rob Conlon

Rob Conlon

Rob Conlon

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