Peter Doolan shares new EP, ‘Modern Bombs Don’t Tick’

Peter Doolan shares EP Modern Bombs Don’t Tick, which is out on Dogcat Records, tomorrow, Friday December 13. The five track EP spans four songs and one fully spoken word recording.

As well as fronting his confrontational live band Peter Doolan & The St. Valentine’s Day Massacres, he’s an electrifying performance poet who had his first poetry collection Collective Living in the Singular Age recently published.

His vision shares an explosive passion for punk and riotous folk with a spell-bounding poetic undertow. The EP in itself is a collection of his former singles, a bumpy and passionate ride, weathering a storm of bustling emotions. Sadness and regret can transform in a moment to joy or pure abandon and political urgency.

Peter Doolan shares experiences from travelling to London, as an Irishman born in Tipperary and taking up residence here in 2006, suppling ample material for tracks such as Sons of Immigrants Blues and Dig Paddy Dig.  Fulacht Fia portrays a burgeoning sense “of a society set to explode”, while the more lilting and reflective Leonard My Dear paints a bittersweet portrait of a predictably unpredictable regular at a pub, from the point of view of the man pouring his drinks.

All four songs are accompanied by evocative films directed by Matt Fleming of Minus Tone.  The EP’s spoken word title track, meanwhile, tells the tale of the daily commute of a man hemmed in by the pressures of city life and gives a hint at the power of Doolan’s spoken word performances.

Look out for his debut album, all set for release early 2020.