Munich-based indie/electropop duo Flor and the Sea return with the title track of their Kings & Queens EP, picking and mixing genres from, indie, rock, pop, ambient, electronica and pop.  Kings & Queens sees the pair inviting you to surrender and glide with them as they once again immerse you in an interweaving of sounds, lifting you to a new state of euphoria where you can explore, transcend, dream and roam free for a moment in time.

There’s a cinematic feel to the duo’s songwriting, as soothing, synth-led electronics lift you up and take you to another place, both melancholy and searching. In the beautifully filmed video, shot by Pauli T and featuring actor Markus Böker, they explore the theme of the rabbit on the run from the fox.  We are intrigued by Mr Rabbit’s different identities, in what could be escapism, different states of being or a search for his true identity.  Intriguingly, Mr Rabbit eventually catches fire – we wonder if we’ll encounter these two again in future videos and if the story will continue. 

Watch Kings & Queens here:

Photo: Melanie Aretz