Premiere: North America share new track, ‘My Baby’s No One’s Girl’

Kick-back on a summers evening and let the beautiful melodies of shimmering pop and atmospheric dreaming wash over you.

P.F. Phillip and the Night Riders are back in a new guise, with their newly refurbished name, ‘North America’ – to evoke their passion for wide open spaces, freedom and the wild west, although in a very cultivated and couture kind of way.  The guys hail from East London and met originally at Metropolis studios and bonded over a love for trashy American comedies and pizza.

As lead singer P.F. Phillip recites the details of his recent relationship with a girl he soon discovers he could never have.  A lady he loves, who belongs to no-one. A narrative of the intimate details of their relationship unfolds. This lady comes with a warning. ‘My Baby’s No-Ones Girl’, delivered with a slur and a slight twang of the vocals, that somehow reveals a deeper sadness beneath the surface, as the sound moves from gentle, caressing love-struck guitars, to a more emotive and fiery ending.

Experience a dazzling merry-go-round of, twinkling, enchanting and glitchy sounds that are deeply infused with a sense of the romantic, bright bursting and mesmerising sunlight, as you imagine a film flipping off its real towards the end and tilting into the hazy surroundings, as this little vignette makes its debut.

North America are self-confessed romantics, offering sounds so sweet and imbued with warmth, that they will bring any lost love to life.  Dig them out and file next to War On Drugs, Two Wounded Birds or maybe even the Prefab Sprout, for next time you heart needs a thaw.