PREMIERE: Ollie Trevers mends your Broken Heart in ‘Stage of Fools’

Ollie Trevers returns with the lead track from his the Cordelia EP.  Stage of Fools we thought was initially the third daughter from the play King Lear, but it turns out the Cordelia EPwas initially written for a film of the same name, due out next year. Eventually it became a separate entity, while Stage of Fools might still have lots in common with the Shakespeare play King Lear, as a portrayal of a mind alienated and detached.

Initially the track is reminiscent of Keaton Henson, with his high vocal pitch, while a lilting melancholy evokes Chris Isaak’s track Wicked Game, make famous in the David Lynch film, Wild At Heart. The track harbours this overwhelming sense of surrender and well of emotion, “but I have been to hell and it’s not burning, it’s just nothing”, the key Ollie Trevers offers, is in the music – as he takes you beyond and lifts you way above the emotional disarray.

This skilfully crafted love song, steeped in emotion, searches for meaning and provides a way to transform any broken heart into strength and power. Ollie harnesses his vulnerability and humanity in his fight to break the chains of this depression. In this case, the music is like a narrative of a slowly breaking heart, you feel it slowly coming apart at the seams, cracking, until the beauty flies out from within and the guitars and vocals take you soaring high above the stormy seas.

Ollie writes: “Stage Of Fools” encapsulates a universal feeling of solitude, worthlessness, or nihilism. I like to think… the song’s very existence is comforting in a sense…because knowing that someone else has felt this way indicates that you’re not alone.”

He takes you on a journey way above the madness, up into the sunset and brightly lit nights. He will lift you out of your melancholy into another realm, even the fools can come along to take a ride and fly away swiftly from their existential emptiness. The song exists amongst atmospheric soundscapes, away from the constructed world of the court – into a universal, sweet and gorgeous blending of courageous humanity.  

You get the feeling that while he is at his lowest point and totally broken and vulnerable, the way he harnesses his emotion, his strength and passion over-ride all of this. Ollie Trevers sits somewhere between the poetry of Joni Mitchell or Tim Buckley and the succulent vocals of Keaton Henson and ravishing tones of Chris Isaak.

Live Shows

20th October – Camden Assembly, London

2nd November – 229 Great Portland Street, London

15th November – TBD