PREMIERE: Stream Bad Mannequins’ ‘Deny Til U Die – Part I’

The first instalment in a trilogy of EPs set to be unleashed onto us throughout the year, Bad Mannequins are set to release Deny Til U Die – Part I on June 2.

In the first set of what the band call semi-autobiographical ‘tales of societal misfits,’ Bad Mannequins perfectly capture their essence. “These songs are made with the intention of having fun and capturing the essence of what it feels to be in your first band. The fast tempos, the stupid lyrics and the excitement of playing loud! Also the attitude that anyone who’s not feeling it is irrelevant. You don’t need us and we don’t need you. We made these songs for ourselves and anyone else who wants to jump on board with us,” says the band’s Ross Hamilton.

Across the four tracks, Bad Mannequins display their tireless swagger, wit and intent to have fun; and it’s infectious.

Deny Til U Die is out June 2. Listen below:

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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