PREMIERE: Tim Muddiman unveils new video for ‘Get It On’

The first track to be released from his forthcoming album Domino Blitz, Tim Muddiman has today revealed the video for ‘Get It On’.

Speaking of the track, Tim Said: “When a musician sits in a studio in solitude for long periods of time writing and thinking about how they are going to get their music heard and what publications are going to support it or what trend does it fit in to it can become very boring and irrelevant. It’s the same as burying one’s inner voice or one’s inner actions in general life. On the particular day when I wrote this song I didn’t even write the lyrics down. To me, my music and life fit into that 1% and I quite like it.”

Indeed, ‘Get It On’ sounds like a triumphant, defiant call to arms, and the video, which sees Tim as various characters (including a fist pumping, megaphone-yielding one) gives the track an even greater protest feel.

Juggling solo work with playing in Gary Numan’s band, ‘Get It On’ is the sound of Tim Muddiman’s unique style bursting out of him.


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Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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