REVIEW: The End: From Beginning to End box set

REVIEW: The End: From Beginning to End vinyl box set

Formed in 1965 The End came together from the dust of previous bands including Tuxedos, Innocents and Original Topics. With a love for psychedelic pop the group evolved into their own beast with support and the production skills of Rolling Stones Bill Wyman, plus going out on tour with the Stones, the band were on to a sure fire hit. But it wasn’t to be, never fear, their short-lived career is now spectacularly covered in this impressive box set released by Demon Music.

With the box set including sleeve notes by founding member Colin Giffin, plus the bands story written by David Wells and artwork by legendary designer Phil Smee with plenty of rare photos and memorabilia contained within this is a deluxe edition of the previously CD only released set.

The main deal here in the set is the bands sole long player Introspection 1968-1969. An underrated release at the time due to the release of the album being delayed but it has since been lauded as one of the all-time great psychedelic albums. The spirit of that defining era is palpable on the record with similarities to the Mama and Papas, Cream and The Beatles found floating around. With tracks like Cardboard Watch, Dreamworld and Shades of Orange, co-wrote by Wyman, further highlighting similarities to Odyssey and Oracle, Introspection is a firm favorite that needs rediscovery.

The further 3 discs show off the career of the much overlooked band. Ranging from the early 1965 modern R‘n’B tradition of Hey Little Girl with its stop start almost Happy Jack rhythm plus some dream like harmonies, Lost Without You is a soul stomper with Booker T organ. Of the outtakes on disc 3 She Said Yeah is an acapella Billy Nichols Would You Believe era piano lead number whilst Building Up a Dream gives a nod to Desperate Dan with a chirpy pop echo chorus. Disc 4 you can hear the rumbling changes of music as the band eventually evolved into Tucky Buzzard. Son Of Lightening sounds like The Doors most haunting moments before corrugated cardboard sounding drums make their appearance.

The overall consensus is The End are certainly worth the plaudits that have received and should be lauded as one of the great psychedelic pop bands.

The End: From Beginning to End can be purchased from the Demon Music website