Steve meets The Charlatans’ Jon Brookes


Ahhh, The Charlatans.

I was made up to get the chance to speak to Jon Brookes. Jon has been the long time drummer of one of my top 5 favourite bands of all time, The Charlatans. Despite being in a band for best part of quarter of a century and battling a brain tumour Jon looked in tip top health, managing to put away the Guinness like the true experienced muso and was in great form with the chat also. Jon was at the Playhard club night, at the Purple Turtle, to DJ for the evening. Have a look at the video below to see Jon talk about the ensuing Charlatans shows, his favourite tracks and remembering Rob Collins…

The Playahrd club night was another success. Every night of theirs I have been to has been rammed and the venue is spot on to play in. Nice big stage and every band seems to be able to get a good sound. Symphonic Pictures were the highlight for me (try to check them out if you can) with an honourable mention to Billy Bones, before Jon took the night away with his box of tunes…

Bring on the Telling Stories shows in June…and you might get exclusive access to me having a Charlatans tattoo done!

Steve Gigslutz