Student Garage Rock Bands That Gained Popularity

Are you a real fan of rock music and want to learn more about the industry? Check out student garage rock bands that gained their popularity in the post. 

Student Garage Rock Bands That Gained Popularity

Garage rock is a genre that was popular in the US and Canada in the ’60s. Inspired by fast-spreading British rock, a lot of students created garage rock bands. Most of them were locally recognized. However, some garage rock representatives gained popularity nationwide. Let’s review the most successful garage rock bands in this post.

The Stooges

This garage rock group was settled in the late ’60s by Iggy Pop. The group’s lifespan wasn’t smooth. They perform a primitive style of rock. Their most popular albums are The Stooges, Fun House, and Raw Power.

Iggy Pop started his path in music drumming in several groups in the Ann Arbor region. Therefore, if you’re a student who wants to become a popular performance artist, gather your friends and create a garage band. To free your schedule, do not hesitate to reach academic writing services online and request help with homework.

The last time the group broke up was in 1974. However, in 2003 it reassembled and performed their songs until 2016.

The White Stripes

The next group on the list is a duo that consists of Jack and Meg White. It was created in 1997 in Michigan, Detroit. The duo plays raw garage rock.

A few years before forming the band, Jack White had drumming experience. It helped him gain particular skills and create well-known albums called White Blood Cells and Elephant. The most popular band’s single is “Seven Nation Army.”

At their first concert in Japan, there were less than 20 people in a hall. However, their last concerts gathered thousands of people. The only secret of success is never giving up and continuing to work to achieve your goals.

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Arctic Monkeys

This band is popular, not among garage rock fans only. Their name is highly recognizable these days thanks to the “R U Mine?”, “505”, “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” and other hits.

Nevertheless, let’s discover how this started. This band was formed in 2002 in England. In half a year, they started their first show. Also, they burned CDs and shared them among fans. After a few years of constantly growing popularity, the club received its first contact.

The band has collected a large number of awards. These days, the group is still gaining its popularity and treats fans with new releases.

The Trashmen

Started as a surf rock group, the Trashmen was organized in 1962 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their most popular hit is the “Surfin’ Bird.” Even though the song was issued in 1963, it constantly appears in music charts in the 21st century. In 2008 and 2010, they had music tours in Europe.

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The Black Keys

It is an American garage group that was created in 2001 in Ohio. The group consists of two friends who decided to create a music band after dropping off from college. Their path to success wasn’t straight and effortless.

They spent over a decade self-recording in a basement before getting the nowadays recognition. The most famous songs are the “Lonely Boy,” “I Got Mine,” “Gold on the Ceiling.”

Most students compromise on education to get the world’s recognition and fame. Unfortunately, dropping off a college is a trusted way to become a popular performance artist.

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Final Words

Creating a group while studying at college and becoming popular is a dream of all students who cannot imagine their lives without music. The garage rock genre was created by thousands of young performance artists inspired by the British invasion in the ’60s.

Unfortunately, a lot of students prioritize music and forget about education, trying to lead their music bands to success. Suppose you’re one of those learners who often ask you mates, “Guys, who can do my math homework for money?”. If so, never forget that a higher education diploma is a must in the modern world. 

Never neglect education, trying to become a famous performance artist. Note, you can always change your major and start learning music at college.