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Introducing: Du Bellows

This band has been given the thumbs up by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin who said of them “there is a cosmic counterpoint alive and well here”, and when you hear them live for the first time you’ll know whereof…

ALBUM: Bloc Party ‘Hymns’

Rating: So the mighty have returned, resurrected and rejuvenated with a new found passion and lust for a new sound. They’ve dabbled in an Eden’s garden of musical perfection before reaching out for a grab of the musical perfection fruit….

New Track: MOURN – ‘Gertrudis’

It’s difficult to avoid sounding patronising when discussing the youthfulness of the members of Catalonia-based four piece MOURN – but it is remarkable that Jazz (18), Carla (18), Leia (15) and Antonio (18), are creating such intriguing rock music so…