The Strypes LIVE @ Birmingham LG Arena


Following a packed out Japanese tour, The Strypes returned to Europe in mid-October to support Arctic Monkeys on their sold out tour. Over the next month, The Strypes would make huge impressions on masses of people, not only in the UK but in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Belgium too.

As supporting acts go, many are missed by punters eagerly anticipating the main performance. Some find it hard to win over crowds that, let’s be honest, haven’t paid to see them. The Strypes defy all of this. Screaming crowds, thousands of spectators and a very happy, warmed –up audience was created when The Strypes tirelessly tore through a masterful set at Birmingham’s LG Arena on Wednesday.

Adopting wit and showmanship on stage – The Strypes burst into their first song, ‘Mystery Man’. Showcasing drummer, Evan Walsh’s raw beat talent, this really made the crowd complete a double take, with many rushing into the arena after hearing the echoes of this first track from the bar. One of the most noticeable things about a Strypes set is that there are no breaks and gets better as time goes on. Moving through very quickly, Ross Farrelly’s vocals are not strained or worn out, if anything his vocal talents get stronger and better throughout. ‘I’m a Hog for You Baby’ displays such confidence, with lyrics bellowing through the large space – this was quite something to witness. Thrillingly getting the crowd going, ‘Blue Collar Jane’ is powerfully delivered, with many singing to its insanely catchy spell – along chorus. Lead guitarist Josh McClorey, confidently introduces the band to the audience “We’re The Strypes, and we’re form Cavan, it’s great to be here!” I think were his exact words.

Some great comments were travelling around after their sets in all cities, one of the main topics was the stunning slide guitar solo, performed by Josh McClorey within ‘Rollin and Tumblin’. In fact, on reflection, although that song was the highlight. Pete O’Hanlon comes into his own, taking a contagious riff and playing it at a whole new level completely. It is easy to make initial assumptions about a young band that are doing as well as these guys are, but The Strypes have stayed grounded.

So what’s next for The Strypes? December sees them performing a small gig in Manchester for XFM and 3 massive homecoming shows in their home town of Cavan. Then the American take over begins in January 2014 with shows spanning across the country and one in Toronto, Canada. If, like me, you have seen The Strypes perform in tiny venues, you have been very lucky. The success of this support slot and a great debut album, pubs and clubs are a thing of the past. Hopefully, we can see The Strypes back on British soil with a headline tour of their own very soon? Here’s hoping…

Rachel Young

Rachel Young

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