This Feeling Track of the Day : Anteros ‘Ordinary Girl’

Anteros break new sonic ground slowing the tempo right down on new single ‘Ordinary Girl’, written by frontwoman Laura Hayden for her baby sister the track dissects the feeling of being knocked down and the fight to move forward in the face of adversity. With hypnotic vocals, stirring lyrics, anthemic hooks and a video shot in Morocco drawing on visual references from Mad Max, the Tank Girl comic book series and Breaking Bad it’s Anteros most assured track to date.


Speaking about the track, Laura says: “Part II: It took a minute to find my voice. I struggled to understand that – after spending my entire time at school and growing up trying to so hard to fit in – I needed to erase the “ideal girl,” the “ideal woman” from my head. To do what makes me happy, instead of what others expect or project onto me. This is a message to my little sister.”

Anteros release ‘When We Land’ on Distiller Records March 1st, including the below tracks. Pre-order HERE, it’s sure to be one of the best debuts of 2019. 

For fans of: The Killers, Blossoms, Blondie, Bad Sounds

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