Track Review: Springtime Anchorage – ‘When We’re Apart’

“I’ve been trying to turn your head, I’ve been drying the tears you’ve shed…”

With romantically inspired, sweet lyrics and traditionally pretty harmonies, Liverpool lads Springtime Anchorage are succeeding in winning me over. Their new single ‘When We’re Apart’ is a catchy tune with bright, sunny riffs – an effectively simplistic love song, lacking the pretension or unnecessary complications that so many bands nowadays seem to rely on. Just a pure, unadulterated piece of pop music.

Harking back to the traditional sounds of the ‘50s and ‘60s, the Springtime Anchorage fuse classic rock ‘n’ roll and bare blues with Brit-Pop inspired guitar licks, and endearingly raw vocals – think Tim Burgess meets Alex Turner. If good, honest, old fashioned music is what you’re after, then this will be right up your street. Oozing acoustic warmth and smooth, comforting harmonies, ‘When We’re Apart’ is a testament to British musical history – a perfectly balanced slice of our pop culture, a federation of decades upon decades of musical brilliance.

If you are keen to hear more of this promising Liverpudlian band, fear not – they are set to release their debut album early next year.

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Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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