LISTEN: Sasha & The Shades, ‘Falling’

Sasha and the Shades have been busy working away in the studio over lockdown, with Falling the first in a string of releases from their new EP ‘Grin & Bare It’ out in Spring 2021.

A departure from their normally glorious and swampy sound, Sasha & The Shades strip back to acoustic guitar and strings, with just the lightest touch of percussion. Designing and modelling their sound structures to entice and invite the listener in. They focus on the lyrical delivery, echoing tracks by Nick Cave or hints of Jefferson Airplane.

The polarised vocals create a harmonious union from different ends of the spectrum. Sasha’s bluesy swagger bass tones are offset by Eli’s versatile, soulful sound. Falling is an exploration of abandon, as the band create this feeling of surrender in tough times, free falling and embracing vulnerability in this patient yet humbling track.

Photo Credit: Rory James