TRACK: Violet – ‘Heaven Adores You’

Midlands’ psych-rock band pull out all the stops with their latest single, ‘Heaven Adores You’, a captivating dream-pop, shoegaze hybrid record.

Violet have been taking over the Midlands music scene for the past year and each release further proves why. Their psychedelic style is mixed with a multitude of influences from their fellow Brummie bands.

Luke Brickett-Haycock told Clash, “This song is one we all hold a little closer to our hearts and we spent so long drifting in and out of the studio to make it sound perfectly like it did in our heads.”

Written as an ode to Elliott Smith, ‘Heaven Adores You’ is a slow starter, with shimmering guitars and drawn out vocals. It doesn’t end there though, the track builds and thickens with pedal manipulations and a classic indie, dream-pop aesthetic that with an injection of psychedelia, places Violet at the forefront of the Midlands music scene.

Harriet Willis
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