Tracks Of The Week, 16.09.15

Making a point of taking time with her songwriting, having saved up songs for when she could record them the way she wanted, Norwegian singer-songwriter Tina Refsnes proves that patience really is a virtue.

Her new single ‘Upside Down Clouds’, taken from debut album No One Knows That You’re Lost, is unquestionable proof of what can be done if you take your time. Glistening with inspiration from the seaside town she grew up in, and truly putting into practice her ideas of hearing the person behind the performance.

Smooth – but still allowing little quirks and background noises to peep through – ‘Upside Down Clouds’ is a simple ode to growing up and learning new things; a daunting idea that Refsnes has made simply beautiful.

‘Upside Down Clouds’ is out now. No One Knows That You’re Lost is out on 6 November.

“I feel so ambigious about football and especially the kind of football that you can watch on TV, but I basically can’t deny how important it is to a lot of the relationships I have with people”… A bizarre topic for a song, perhaps, but one that clearly works for Trust Fund.

Ellis Jones (the leader of the ever-changing musical outfit that is Trust Fund) uses latest single ‘Football’ to both sum up the undying love for the sport, but also to prove his musical progression. Just months after the release of debut album No One’s Coming For Us, ‘Football’ is part of the forthcoming album Seems Unfair. There’s an undeniable wit and charm to Jones’ song writing; a cleverness that tones down the dreamy pop sensibilities and gives ‘Football’ a more reflective feel.

Seems Unfair is released October 30 by Turnstile and is available to pre-order now from Trust Fund’s bandcamp page.

As the B-side of their debut single, ‘Long Way Down’ proves why Hidden Charms are the rock’n’roll ones to watch this year. Whilst its addictive beats and hypnotic vocals are reminiscent of the 60s, there’s a modern flair which keeps Hidden Charms from sounding like they’re attempting a hopeless revival. It’s refined, but relaxed, and perfects the balance between retro and current in a way that many bands struggle with.

It’s rare that a B-side can pack quite as much punch as this, but Hidden Charms clearly aren’t ones for mediocrity.

Dreaming Of Another Girl / Long Way Down is out now on Deltasonic Records. Catch Hidden Charms at their residency at London’s KOKO on 18 & 25 September, and 2 October.

As the leading track on her Raceday EP, Grace Mitchell is causing quite a stir with ‘Jitter’. It’s already been championed by Zane Lowe, who made it his latest “World Record”, calling it the “song of the year” and played it twice in a row. It’s not difficult to see why Zane fell in love with this track – Mitchell’s smoky vocals add a harsh edge to the playful pop song.

With lyrics like “I couldn’t be more turnt / when I am over here just dancing with my girls”, ‘Jitter’ is the perfect accompaniment to any girls’ night out.

Raceday EP is out now via Casablanca / Republic Records.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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