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Hailing from Montreal, and pretty pally with the city’s most famous rock stars – Arcade Fire, The Barr Brothers are about to release their second album, ahead of which comes ‘Even The Darkness Has Arms’. This beautiful slice of folk is filled with all the gentle, lilting guitar melodies and heartfelt harmonies you could ever hope for from a song of its kind. With more than a hint of the blues, plus an added upbeat sentimentality, Brad Barr describes this track as for anyone who’s ever “woken up in a bed without somebody, and you didn’t know the bed or the room or the city”. A song for everyone, then…

The Barr Brothers’ upcoming album, ‘Sleeping Operator’, will be released 6th October, via Secret City Recordings. And, if you can’t wait that long, then you’d better just keep listening to this astoundingly beautiful track in the mean time.


With their second album on the way, the brilliantly named The History Of Apple Pie are back with an addictively catchy new single – ‘Tame’. With shades of electro pop and a cheery, summery vibe, this new track seems vaguely reminiscent of ‘90s indie-pop sensation Kenickie, with a contemporary dance-inspired beat and the iridescent vocals of Stephanie Min.

‘Tame’ is out 4th August, with The History Of Apple Pie’s upcoming album following on 29th September.


Having been to the same school as Dylan Thomas, things are looking pretty good for Welsh outfit – Heavy Petting Zoo – right now.  Having supported the likes of Eagulls and Menace Beach, they are set to be playing a series of summer dates this year and have just hit our ear drums with a new, heart-stopping single. With a frenzied, post-punk aggression and fish-clenching vigour, ‘Crash’ oozes a dark energy and incites excited anticipation with its pummeling beats and eerie aura.

An offering not to be passed by, ‘Crash’ is available online and ready to pre-order now. Oh, and HPZ also have their very own band dancer – Jon: reason alone to check them out.


I’m extremely happy to announce that one of my favourite bands of late, Alvvays (note the clever use of double v), are about to release their highly anticipated debut album. If – like me – however, you’ve been getting impatient, then you will have been making the most of all the radio play current track ‘Archie, Marry Me’ has been receiving.

A sparkling, reverb-infused taste of summer, ‘Archie, Marry Me’ is filled with wonderfully sugary harmonies and a spiritely surf-rock vibe that would make Best Coast proud. Skilfully juxtaposing this carefree summery feel, that exudes effortlessly from the track, with lyrics strewn with angsty teenage awkwardness, Alvvays have succeeded in creating something perfectly charming that will prove impossible to rid from your head.

Oozing endearing naive romanticism, ‘Archie, Marry Me’ has the effect of transporting you to the Californian sun – the rays beating down, sunny-gs on, surfboard under arm – despite having been written by a group of Canadians. Whatever the band’s geographic location, however, one thing’s for sure – Alvvays should be an essential accompaniment to everyone’s summer.

Alvvays’ eponymous debut will be out 21st July via Transgressive Records and you can catch them live in London next month, or when they return to the UK, supporting Real Estate, in October:

5th August – Birthdays

6th August, Rough Trade East.


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