TRACK: Ella Grace – ‘Run’

London-newcomer Ella Grace presents whimsical pop track ‘Run’ in a follow-up to her acclaimed debut ‘Here We Are Again’. Her music offers a raw approach to tougher topics a lot of mainstream artists stray from, like the painful side of love and mental well-being. Her unique tone and wholesome recording style paired with uncensored writing creates beautiful music that resonates with anyone who has felt the constraints of an amorous relationship turned sour. ‘Run’ speaks of a love lost and the journey onward from that head-space into a new refreshed outlook on life. The track is a bittersweet ode to moving forward from a more sombre time captured through delicate plucks of the guitar strings that capture the heart ache of the evocative lyrics.

This feeling resonates with so many of Grace’s followers that now conduct her over 200,000 people strong Instagram following as well as loyal fans on Twitter and Facebook. “Even when the wolves call me at night, I’ll run, I’ll run, I’ll run with you most each and every night,” the bittersweet lyrics promise. As the song progresses, it becomes apparent how much the pressure is getting to the feature character of the track, particularly when she starts whooping as if her feelings can’t be put into words. The songstress herself mentions of the record: “Run was a super cathartic song to write and record, it was a message to someone I loved. I wrote it during a time when I was really split between two worlds. Run was this promise to try and stay with somebody whilst my heart was pulling me in other directions. It was a really bittersweet time for me and I think this track captures it perfectly”. The track provides a soulful honesty on 21st century life accompanied by Ella’s dulcet, husky vocals, exemplifying the songwriter’s burgeoning talent ahead of her debut live shows and further releases later this summer.

‘Run’ is available on all major digital services from May 25th from Ont’ Sofa Records.