When ‘Airy Met Fairy release new single and announce debut album ‘Glow’

The critically acclaimed Nordic duo have announced their upcoming debut album Glow, which will be released on July 7th. When ‘Airy Met Fairy is the group project of Thorunn Egilsdottir and Mike Koster, a musical pairing that radiates melancholy magic which holds the ability to levitate the listener into an infinite sky of rumination and reflection. The impact of the band’s music evidently leaves no room for neglect as their beginning commenced in 2015, followed by being swiftly spotted by Icelandic musician Bardi Johannsson who produced their debut single ‘Intoxicated’ which was mastered at Abbey Road. In the meantime, the duo have continued to self-produce their music and focus on considerable performances such as appearances at The Great Escape, Reeperbahn, Iceland Airwaves and Eurosonic festival.

The band’s debut album Glow will include their bewitchingly crafted recent single ‘Until Your Season Dries’, which lulls the listener to recognise the aching statement that love is both vivid and fragile all at once. The song is a creative embodiment of the leftover fragments that exist after the explosion of love and war, where what remains are the shattered pieces of broken memories. With the expertise of French producer Raphael Kindig at their side, the duo present a dynamic video which precisely encapsulates the nature of the struggle to gasp for breath beyond an overwhelming sinking ship.

Their latest single ‘When I’m Old’ will also appear on the upcoming album, and is accompanied with yet another demonstrative video shot by Raphael Kindig which visually represents a dance of emotion and passion. The song is a delicate lullaby of thoughts which have collected within the midst of waiting, and whilst somber, there is certainly a degree of hope which particularly builds when the texture develops towards the end of the track. This ambiguity remains pure and is meticulously symbolic of a wandering heart that questions the unknown.

The driving force of When ‘Airy Met Fairy is the fixation on simplicity. This results in a gentle authenticity which the listener can relate to and connect with. Glow will no doubt encourage this raw atmosphere to an even greater extent, and will be an opportunity for the band’s listeners to indulge further into their own emotions.