TRACK: Wooden Shjips – ‘Red Line’

The aching silence since their last album Back to Land in 2013 is finally being interrupted, with a set of new tracks which are part of their upcoming album V. which is due on May 25 via Thrill Jockey. The latest of these tracks is the optimistically infused sound of ‘Red Line’, which really does challenge the tone of their previous work and in turn couldn’t be any more refreshing.

We have previously seen Wooden Shjips encompassing highly gritty, dark and heavy atmospheres which have all been a successful aid in their mission to redefine contemporary psychedelia as we know it. The style of ‘Red Line’ is intricately different, but this change of tone in no way compromises the unapologetic spirit of Wooden Shjips that we recognise as defying yet simultaneously defining. As this year’s summer approaches, perhaps the best way to challenge the system now is to challenge the negativity that comes with it. So with that, Wooden Shjips remain just as vindicating as before because the light in their music juxtaposes the dark we may now feel accustomed to in our everyday lives.

The simplicity in this track is characterised by the repetition of the third interval. The chords continue this sequence throughout the track and the vocalised melodies also use just three note scales in order to paint a picture of hazy montages in the sun. Almost cheesy, but never quite there when it is the work of Wooden Shjips setting the scene.