LIVE: Levitation Room, The Goa Express, Freakout Honey @ The Peer Hat, Manchester, 21.05.18

Home to some of the best musicians in the world, Manchester seems pretty up to scratch when it comes to showcasing artists of every genre. However, it was impossible for this little pub in the Northern Quarter to see this one coming. These bands knew how to deliver above and beyond, and transformed any apprehension surrounding a shabby pub into a psychedelic dungeon of kaleidoscopic waves and free spirit.

It may seem hard to picture a room where L.A based Levitation Room, a band from the opposite sort of city, would jigsaw so immaculately with their Northern support, Freakout Honey and The Goa Express. This however, was so naturally accomplished that all who were watching felt immediately familiarized to the explosive invitation of immense sound. Often, supporting bands can fall behind on performance or impact, but these bands were a million miles away from this kind of threat. Both pandemonium yet endearing, the night from front to back did not fall below the breadth of top marks.

As for Levitation Room, the translation of their records into a live performance was a gorgeous phenomenon to witness. Where their records take a relaxed and even tranquil approach which levitates the listener (they knew what they were doing when they chose the name of the band), there was the keen replacement of clean-cut tempos and belligerent dynamics. Instead of drifting solos which manoeuvre the listener into a trance-like state of mind, the performance was led by distorted and gripping riffs which resulted in a switched-on and extremely enthusiastic audience. This went for all but the exception of one track, ‘Friends’, a mid-gig hazy number which was located perfectly within the performance for a greatly appreciated breather.

The gig marked a sensational moment for those who attended, and this group of professionals proved that anywhere at all in Manchester is capable of procuring boundless rock and roll. After a long night of groovy dancing, it was impossible to leave the venue without a smile.