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INTERVIEW: Kyle Falconer

The View are the much-adored band who have encased themselves in the minds of many a millennial with tracks such as ‘Same Jeans’ and ‘Superstar Tradesmen’ from their debut 2007 album Hats Off to the Buskers. A legacy of success…

TRACK: Viva Brother – ‘Bastardo’

Having begun life as Kill the Arcade in 2010, then Wolf Am I, then Brother, they were forced to add the ‘Viva’ to their name after their Australian Celtic namesake slammed the threat of a lawsuit on them in 2011….

ALBUM: Gallery 47 – ‘Adversity Breeds’

You’d be forgiven when thinking Gallery 47 are a five-person-strong opinionated group of talented musicians. But, you’ll be surprised to know that one man, Jack Peachey, presents Gallery 47 alone with all his own vision in front of an audience….

ALBUM: The Duke Spirit – ‘Sky Is Mine’

Following on from their success last year with critically album KIN, The Duke Spirit bring us a new unearthly, raw album that delves into the subconscious with a mixture of psychedelic symphonies entwined with polished melodies. Speaking of Sky Is…

LISTEN: Dead Pretties – ‘Confidence’

Amongst the flash of up and coming new bands, we catch a glimpse and a flicker of three scruffy teens from North London. But this isn’t just a glimmer, Dead Pretties have shown they’re keen for more of a highly-devoted…