Tracks Of The Week, 18.08.14

If you’re missing the twinkling, light hearted, indie-rock of The Maccabees then look no further: Hugo White’s brother Will has a new band and it would seem that a flair for musical creativity runs in the blood. LSA (Love Stays Alive, not to be confused with Learning Support Assistant) offer atmospheric creations, filled with jangly guitars and star-spangled melodies.

LSA’s latest single, ‘Can’t Be Trusted’, is a perfect amalgamation of ‘90s brit-pop with the shoegaze-inspired psych rock that is so trendy right now. With catchy lyrics, crunching riffs and an energy-fused pummeling beat, ‘Can’t Be Trusted’ is the perfect accompaniment to any dancefloor.

Produced by Hugo White and available for download and limited edition 7”, ‘Can’t Be Trusted’ is set for release 1st September, along with B-side ‘Here Comes The Water’. In the meantime, check out LSA’s Souncloud:


The new offering from Brody Dalle doesn’t disappoint. The first track of her latest album, ‘Rat Race’ is a slow-brewing storm – starting off with a light drizzle of effortlessly cool melodies, building to a thunderous thrashing of guitars and Dalle’s enthralling, angst-driven growl.

With the help of The Strokes’ Nick Valensi on guitar, and with the Shirley Manson influence still shining through (as with previous single ‘Meet The Foetus/Oh The Joy’), ‘Rat Race’ is a perfectly gritty, characteristically Dalle, comment on modern society.

So, if you’re lucky enough to be seeing Dalle and her equally cool husband at Reading or Leeds next weekend, I’m insanely jealous…

‘Rat Race’ is 25th August and Dalle’s latest album Diploid Love is out now.


Back with a new video for the title track of their debut mini-album come Brighton four piece, Morning Smoke. ‘In Euphoria’ creates an eerie mood with escalating piano chords and haunting vocals, and goes on to crescendo into a climax of crunching guitars: an unexpected contrast to the beginning of the track. The track then continues with its sweeping melodies, provocative reverb-full echoes and intense vocals; it is dramatic, climatic and – indeed – euphoric.

Having received acclaim from Edith Bowman, ‘In Euphoria’ is out now, and will leave you hooked on its effervescent charm.


And now for something completely different… Here we have two Mercury Prize nominees coming together to create something that is a huge step away from anything either have done before. Maximo Park’s Paul Smith and Field Music’s Peter Brewis have just announced a new, collaborative album – Frozen By Sight.

A far cry from the vigorous indie rock of Maximo Park, Smith and Brewis’s latest single – ‘Barcelona At Eye Level’ – is a simply magical creation. Oozing ethereal vibes with orchestral melodies, a musically rich soundscape and vocals reminiscent of Lambchop, this is a truly enchanting track that will leave you floating away on a sea of calm. Exuding an eclectic array of inspirations, ranging from Smith’s travels and Brewis’s past chamber band arrangements, this track showcases the immense talent of both artists and is a project not to be passed by.

With such a captivating first listen, Frozen By Sight promises to be one of the most exciting creations of the year, and is out 17th November via Memphis Industries.


Mari Lane


Mari Lane

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